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An Interesting Post to Pass Along to Those Who Still Believe the Myths About VoiceOver

I’m sure we all know someone. The person who still is quick to go on and on about the various myths about why Windows is easier to use than the Mac and how Windows is more efficient, yada, yada, yada. … Continue reading

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Updates, 3/17/14

I have been working on the site for the last few weeks and there are some little tweaks throughout it. This includes updating some of the information to reflect OS X Mavericks in the Tips and Tricks for the Mac … Continue reading

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OK, so what about this Whole Interaction Concept on the Mac?

The Concept of Interaction on the Mac Having worked with people and having also trained folks on the Mac for a good four years consistently now, as well as being a member of several blind Mac user email lists, I … Continue reading

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iOS 7.1 Is Released

For those not aware, iOS 7.1 is now released. I just downloaded it on my iPhone 5S. The bug that effected using the rotor to raise the volume of some iDevices, such as the iPhone 5S, above 35 percent is … Continue reading

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Another Review from Scott

I am far behind, as this was posted by Scott Granados on the mac4theblind email list several weeks ago. Neverthe less, I give you another review from Scott, this one on the Jawbone Era: So, as some of you may … Continue reading

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A quick note

I must apologize for the lack of posts. There have been some technical problems with the site caused by some corrupted data files. Thus, this has been something my webmaster has been addressing over the last few weeks. I do … Continue reading

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