Updates, 8/14/12

Here are some updates for the site:

1. Episode 17 of the Audio Demonstration Series is now available through iTunes or on the
Demonstrations page.
I do a brief demonstration on how the Dictation feature works in Mountain Lion and explain how it is set up. It is not a detailed demo, but it should help you get started and to understand how you can use the new feature.

2. In the
documentation page
of the site, I have added an RTF version of the VoiceOver Getting Started with Mountain Lion guide. I will be putting a better version of this document up in the near future.

3. Lastly, I was, once again, invited to co-host the Triple Click Home podcast. It was just as much fun as the first time, and I am very humbled and thankful that Serotek asked me to join the gang another time. It is episode 9, for those of you keeping track, and it can be found

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