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From the good folks at Applevis, there was recently a podcast explaining how one can remap the keys on their Mac to enable one to use the caps lock key as the VoiceOver (control-option) key combination. I have read some people ask about this on the various Mac user lists, so it caught my attention.

I will say, and this is personal opinion only, that it’s a bit of a hack and a little too much effort to accomplish for me to really use it, but it does work and I felt it was something worth bringing attention to it.

I would highly recommend all of the podcasts Applevis has available, but for this one, please go

New episodes for the Audio Demonstration series are coming. I will be adding a 3 part series over the next few weeks or month in regard to using the Finder on the Mac. Hopefully, it will walk you through Finder basics and understanding the folder and file system on the Mac by the time it is finished.

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