iOS 6 Is Here

It shouldn’t be real news to everyone at this point that iOS 6, Apple’s 6th version of their operating system for their mobile devices, is now available. If you are running iOS5, you can do an over there air update without the need for iTunes and your computer provided you have the iDevice plugs into power. You can, of course, also do the update via iTunes with your iDevice connected.

I have updated both my iPhone 4S and my new iPad. Just as some information from my experience and from what I have read on a few lists, the update might speed up and slow down as it progresses. Also, it might particularly stall for a bit when it reaches 94 or 96 percent complete for the download. If this occurs, just remain patient and let it finish.

Once the update does finish downloading, your device will reboot and it will take a bit of time for it to restart. Again, don’t get nervous or concerned. It will reboot. Once it does, you will have a couple of configuration screens to go through before you can start using iOS 6.

As some informational links to help you get started, you can
read here
for a very comprehensive description of what is new in iOS 6 for accessibility and VoiceOver from the Maccessibility folks.

Also, there is information on the Applevis site, and they have some podcasts on some of the new features, which can be found

For another podcast as a quick overview of iOS 6, you can also
check this out.

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