A Year Since the Passing of Steve Jobs

It is a year today since Steve Jobs passed away from cancer. He was a man taken far before his time, and one of the true heroes I have had in my lifetime.

I can still remember the shock and sadness I felt when I first heard the news that he had died. I was at a friend’s house, and I can still recall sitting back on her couch feeling the complete sense of shock and disappointment. It was, unfortunately, something many had suspected would occur, but the reality of it happening was still stunning and very much like a bad dream come to life.

Today, on
Apple’s website
there is a short tribute to Steve Jobs and a message from Tim Cook. Hearing Steve’s voice again brought chills to me, and the moments you will hear replayed were a few of his greatest.

The contributions of Steve Jobs will continue to be felt and enjoyed for years to come, and his effect on the world of technology will echo throughout eternity. Today and for the rest of my life, Mr. Jobs will continue to be missed.

In Memory of Steven P. Jobs, one year since his untimely death

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  1. Teresa says:

    I feel much the same way you do. Also, I especially appreciated Steve Jobs quoting Wayne Gretzky, hockey fan that I am. 🙂 I’d had no idea he had done that.

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