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Being the fact that we live in a community of users of Apple products and that the end goal is to provide as much help and resources for users, I like to post information on other folks who are doing more than their share for the community or even work with such like minded people. Below, I am posting some information on some really good friends of mine who live in England. There company, Mac Access, does a lot of good things, and Gordon and Lynne are simply great people. I will let Gordon describe what they exactly do in his own words:

As a small non-profit organisation, Mac Access Dot Net is proud to be able to team up with MacForTheBlind, as both groups have a common goal; that of promoting everything Apple in terms of accessibility and, by definition, useability by visually impaired and other disabled inividuals and groups.

When Apple released their first offering as part of their Mac OS X 10.4 [Tiger] operating system way back in 2005, there was almost no voice for the visually impaired amongst the apple community. That voice which did exist was, and sadly remains, somewhat insular in its approach, lacking any form of dynamic purpose. At the start of 2007 we decided that we could make a positive contribution to the field of accessibility for blind and visually impaired users, by offering them an alternative voice; a forum where they could post their questions and comment without the fear of being flamd, bullied or harrassed by those with strongly polorised views or even a conflicting interest. The accessibility industry has long been a battleground where different factions turn inward upon one another, when, in order to accomplish the best possible results, we should all be pulling in the same direction.

That is why we decided to start Mac Access and since that time, thanks to a loyal group of members, we have expanded our membership into the hundreds and are now venturing into other areas where we hope we can expand our presence and, motivated by nothing but a desire to help the community, we feel we can make a positive contribution. MacForTheBlind is another like-minded group and we very much welcome the opportunity of working with them. Founder of that group, (John Panares), has ben a friend of ours for some time now, and together, we are sure that we can make things happen.

We very much look forward to 2013 as another exciting and eventful year in the field of accessibility across Apple’s platforms, and we, alongside MacForTheBlind want to be a part of the fun.

To visit Mac Access and obtain additional information, please go

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