Updates, 3/1/13

I know it has been a while. Unfortunately, a combination of my father ending up in the hospital again for about a month and some other crazy things going on around here has diverted my attention. I was basically training folks and running up to the hospital or nursing rehab center since the beginning of January.

In any event, I have some things I am going to add to the site over the next few weeks. I wanted to mention a item of “interest though. I’m sure it has probably made the rounds by now, but I want to mention it anyway.

Mozilla Firefox continues to improve with VoiceOver support. Version 19 for the Mac has brought a lot more responsiveness than previous versions. There are still some odd bugs, such as oddness in some text fields and the way VoiceOver identifies some tables. Nevertheless, the browser is pretty close to being something I feel I will use with Safari and dump Google Chrome, as I am going to avoid using anything done by Google because of their abuse of privacy and disconcerting stance on net neutrality.

You can get Firefox from the Mozilla.org website

As usual, I would encourage the developers to keep up their hard work and thank them for all they have done so far. Of course, also report any and all bugs, VoiceOver or not, to them.

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