Voice Dream Reader

I am not the kind of person who truly finds himself “raving” about an application. I have come across more than a few very good and impressive applications for both the Mac and iDevices over the years, but I don’t find myself really talking up one all that often.

However, I must say that the Voice Dream Reader app for the iDevices by Voice Dream LLC, is a great application. Not only does it handle Bookshare books with its own text to speech, but you can read PDF and RTF files as well. Additionally, you can use Dropbox to get files to your iDevice, which, to me, is a great feature. If you are not satisfied with the voice that comes with the app, additional voices can be purchased through the application for under $2.00 each.

The application is quite easy to set up and use, and it is worth its $9.99 price tag for all it does. I know I am not covering everything and this is not meant as any formal review or the like. One can find more detailed descriptions and reviews of the app in other places, but I certainly recommend the app. The developer is quite responsive to questions and bug reports, and is constantly adding new features to it. It is another example of a developer who deserves our support, and I am happy to have bought the app.

You can find more information about Voice Dream Reader

For a nice podcast on the Voice Dream app done on Applevis, go


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