Another Announcement That Might Be of Interest to Some

This might be of interest to some folks. I just saw this on an email list.

Announcing the Beatbox portable wireless bluetooth speaker!

Small size: big sound; at an afordable price.
The BeatBox bluetooth speaker will fill your room with rich sound, and not break the bank!

Don’t have a device with bluetooth? No problem, this speaker also supports line in so you can connect all portable electronics including note takers, mp3 players, book players, or anything else with a headphone or line out jack.

No longer do you have to spend high dollar amounts, to have a portable Bluetooth solution for home or travel.
In order to help you decide if this speaker is right for you, we have put together an audio demonstration; showing the Beatbox in use in a variety of settings.
In addition, we have included some audio samples of the speaker alongside the small version of the Jambox Bluetooth Speaker, by Jawbone.

We invite you to take a listen to our audio demonstration

The direct download link for the audio is:


In adition to the audio demonstration, we have put together an accessible users guide. to read the users guide, visit


If you like what you see and hear, and would like to purchase, please visit:

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