Netatmo Urban Weather Station

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Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station, the first Made for iPhone personal weather station with air quality sensors, is now compatible with Apple VoiceOver!

The Netatmo Weather Station allows users to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental elements such as: CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, noise pollution levels and air quality, indoors and outdoors.

The Netatmo Station sends real-time data via Wi-Fi to the Netatmo App on the user’s iPhone.

The Netatmo Personal Weather Station’s VoiceOver capabilities make it the first Weather Station that allows low–vision and blind users to access real-time weather and air quality measurements.

The Station’s indoor measurements help users to improve their comfort and wellness in their home environment. For instance, the station sends real-time alerts, helping to prevent the accumulation of unhealthy, stagnant indoor air by prompting users to ventilate their home.

The Station’s outdoor measurements help users assess the best moments for outdoor recreation, when outdoor Air Quality and Weather are of the utmost importance.

With the first Wi-Fi connected personal Weather Station, Netatmo also aims to create the largest weather and air quality monitoring network ever established.

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