Printing Braille from a Mac, Another Item that may be of Interest

Courtesy of Keith Reedy:

How to print braille from a Mac to an Index Embosser

This information was compiled and tested by Keith Reedy
Bibles for the Blind and
Visually Handicapped International,

Bibles for the Blind

Special thanks to,

Peter Engström,
Index Braille

Index Home

Knick Johnson
The Brailler Depot, LLC

Brailler Depot

The equipment used in this test is as follows:
iMac late 2012
iMac mid 2007
Index Basic-d V3 embosser
Index Basic D V4 embosser

If you have .brf, or, .brl files you wish to print from your Mac to your Index embosser connected by USB ports, you will need to download the following:

First of all, download the Mac driver from the Index website.

***If you do not have a login set up for the Index site, you will need to request a user name and password.

Here is the link to download the driver,

Go here.

To get the Index Print program, please call The Brailler Depot at 973-272-7667

Install the driver and the Index Print program then go to system preferences to print and fax, or, on the newer Macs, print and scan, add your Index embosser and choose the Mac driver.

After these steps are complete, open the Index Print program and follow the prompts.

This works quite well for us here.

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