A Rough Review of the JetPack 5510

Once again, with the kind permission of the author, Scott Granados, here is what he calls a “rough review” of the JetPack 5510.

Per request, here’s a rough review of the JetPack 5510 MyFi device.

First, what is it? It’s a mobile hotspot that can deliver internet to up to 10 connected devices using WiFi and LTE wireless technology.
Appearance wise the box ways about an ounce and is about as large as two boxes of big red gum stacked on top of each other. The case of the MyFi is oval in shape with a single USB port and a button on one side. There’s also a removable battery cover on the bottom.
What’s in the box, 1 USB cable, one AC power adapter / charger and 1 MyFi.

Operation is silly simple. Simply press the button on the side for about a second to power up, press the same button again to power down. There’s no sound or other indicators but unlike previous versions of this device once you press the power button the signal is available for use almost right away.
Speeds are very good, north of 15 megabits per second in far less than ideal conditions. (I used it all day today from the center of a Verizon Complex in their lab. (AT&T’s signal did not reach at all)
Who needs this device, if you’re a mobile worker, if you have a commute or you have the need for mobile data this is the device for you.
In terms of carriers, Verizon has the most wide spread LTE deployment at this time. I think right now Verizon is the network to beat but in the interest of full disclosure they also pay me well so you may wish to take it with a grain of salt although if anyone is really interested I can detail what VZ is doing better and why.

In summary, the good points are the device is fast, very light / small, very fast to boot and extremely simple to use. On the down side, no sounds or audio queues to let you know how the device is operating. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars with the bulk of the negatives being a lack of audio indicators although the more I use the device the less I find I need them.

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