Updates, 5/4/13

I’m sure most folks know by now, but the Kindle application for the iPhone was updated by Amazon to now be accessible to VoiceOver. One cannot buy any books through the app, but books can be purchased through the Amazon website and then synced through the app in its settings.

I have not played extensively as of yet with it, but it is certainly VoiceOver friendly now. To me, its great that we now have yet another choice for buying and reading electronic books. If you do your share of reading, I would recommend getting the app, which is free. You can get it,

The next link is something that showed up on a few lists, but was emailed to me privately by Al Szymanski. I haven’t tried doing this myself for Mail, but I thought it might be of interest to some. You can read about it


Lastly, on Monday, I passed my Apple Certified Support Professional exam for Mountain Lion Essentials. I will be posting some information on that experience soon, as I know some have asked me about it.

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