Another Review Courtesy of Scott Granados

Here is another useful review Scott Granados kindly has given me permission to post here.

FOr anyone interested here’s a review of the plantronics voyager pro legend which is the continuation of the very successful voyager pro line.

For previous voyager pro users, the headset is very similar in shape to the previous pro HD or pro models. The major difference is the boom now is perfectly tube shaped and thinner, no bulge on the end like the previous models. Also, where the power button was is now a switch, volume is a small slide type switch above the power and the voice command / function button is now on the boom on the under side in an indented area that’s modeled to fit a finger so you can feel where the control is easily. The actual case / hook behind the ear is unchanged and the power cable is now a magnetic type instead of a micro USB. This cable is also used for updating firmware and headset functions.

Overall, the improvements in this model include 4 microphones now instead of 1 or two, a proximity censor to measure when the headset is against your head, newer digital signal processing, about an hour more battery life on standby, and many more voice commands including you n ow say answer or ignore to answer the phone, you don’t press any keys.
In terms of differences in audio, the audio sounds more sharp with a bit better performance on the high end. Noice cancelation is very very good with the headset performing well in a loud switching center on a long duration conference call. Mute is also easily available on the headset set now with the voice command key working as mute during a call. No need to fiddle for mute on the phone’ screen. You can answer the call just by putting the headset on your ear or by saying answer if you’re already wearing the headset. It also seems you can disable the voice commands if you want to use SiRi. I have not done this yet and find the built in function to be very usable.
Cost is $99 with deals to be found on Amazon. Bestbuy for once has the headset at $99 instead of the suggested $129 so you can save money even in a physical store.
In general, I really really like this headset, my favorite in a long time. I’d give the headset 4.75 out of 5 stars with the only downside being it’s not the most comfortable with glasses. If you have the oakley straight style side jackets on your glasses though you’ll be in good shape. The legend is a definite buy.


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