Some Updates, 8/11/13

Hopefully, everyone is having a good summer/winter thus far. It has been a busy one for me, and, thus, the lack of regular updates here.

First, with the kind permission of Scott Davert, I am placing a link here to a podcast he did for Applevis on
connecting a Braille display to an iDevice.
I am going to add some of Scott’s other podcasts to the Demonstrations section of the page as time goes on.

Folks, I can’t say enough good things about the Applevis people and community. If you are looking for podcasts on just about anything Mac or iOS related,
is the place to go.

Also speaking of Applevis, Greg Kelchner also recently did a podcast on a subject I have seen come up on many of the blind Mac users lists. This is in regard to Safari bugs and suggestions on ways to work around them. Please go
to hear it.Recently on the Triple Click Home and Maccessibility podcasts I am fortunate enough to be a part of, I brought up a couple of iOS app recommendations. I wanted to mention a few here just because I can’t speak highly enough of them.

First, for you folks into RPG games, the game,
is a good one. It’s not a true role playing game in the sense that some might appreciate, but it is addicting and well done. Moreover, it’s VoiceOver accessible, and simply a lot of fun to play.

Another great iiDevice app is the
All Access Talking Menus
app. I have used this on the road a few times, and it is great for finding places to eat and in many cases, being able to check out menus the establishment has to offer.

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