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On the subject of large print keyboards, Maurie Hill of AISquared was kind enough to point out that RJ Cooper sells a variety of adaptive products for the iDevices. This includes a large print keyboard. You can go
for the information.

In addition, I am going to post the latest newsletter from RJ Cooper for those of you who might be interested in checking those guys out. Much of it goes beyond blindness and visual impairments, but they are still a very nice resource to keep in mind.

Hi to my Assistive Technology and AAC ‘fans’!

Can you believe 2013 is almost gone! Unbelievable. And I get 1 year older 🙁 But I’m still going! During the past several years, with the takeover of the iPad in special needs, several people and companies have elected to retire. They helped to create the thriving fields we have now. There’s too many to list here. But there’s one that I believe warrants a mention. As I, that is, *we* all grow older, we start thinking about our legacy, if and what we’ll be remembered for. I truly hope I’ve made an impact on our world. Here’s one person that has been a pioneer in the field, helped thousands, and did something *really* special with his early work.

Walt Waltosz, who created some of the first truly functional AAC systems, one of which was/is used by Stephen Hawking, world reknowned physicist. Here’s an article from that time period (although I can’t tell from the handwriting at the top of it what the year is):

Of course there are more people, but in thinking about *my* legacy, I wanted to pay homage to *his*. OK, on to *my* stuff 😉

**CRITICAL: You MUST get your order IN to us by Dec. 6 to ensure delivery by Christmas. If you place your order during the week of Dec. 9, you *will* need to pay for UPS 2 day shipping to guarantee delivery by Christmas. NO EXCEPTIONS, so please don’t wait and then ask for an exception, and then get angry with *me* 😉 **

So here’s my latest stuff; I’ll try to be brief. Look over each numbered item and if it’s of interest, click on the associated link for more info.

1) iOS 7 Switch Control – I don’t have to say much more to get you excited because so many people *are* excited over this. But not me. Although I *do* applaud Apple for it, it’s quite flawed, IMHO (but it can be fixed….but *will* it? 😉 Click below for my reasons:

2) My ScanOver alternative to #1 is moving nicely. I do believe, while it’s not a perfect solution, it’s still better than iOS 7 Switch Control, at this point.

3) I’ll have my Ultimate II cases for the new iPad Air by the beginning of new year.

4) I’ve added optional Extensions to my popular Magic Arm for iPads.

5) Some new great pictures showing one of my favorite switch sites, for the most challenged learners/users at…

6) Here’s a twist on a cool iPad implementation if you’re working with a physical keyboard, possibly with my Spell-A-Word app:

7) And speaking of keyboards, I’m now packaging my popular, and almost tip-proof Tablet Stand with my BIG-Blue-Tooth keyboards:

see here.

You might find another one like it from a non-special-needs-devoted company, but mine has my VERY helpful colored-rows and some special iPad functions, and even built-in StickyKeys!

I’ll stop there, but there’s more I’m working on. More next time.

Sincerely (remember, I’m a *person*, not a “vendor”),

RJ 🙂

RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. | 22600-A Lambert St. Suite 708 | Lake Forest | CA | 9260 | US

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