Yet Another Review from Scott

Here is another product review offered by Scott Granados. This one is on the HP 551DM color laser printer. Enjoy.

So here’s a review of an HP 551DM color laser network attached printer.


Features include double sided printing, 1 GB of printer memory, gigabit Network connection, multiple paper trays, complex remote monitoring like SNMP, EPrint, Air Print and web based server for monitoring use of supplies and printer performance.

The Pluses

this is a great printer. It was easy to set up although it helped to have sited assistance. Finding all the taped portions for shipping and removing all the locks would be tricky if you haven’t done it before. Very possible to learn though if you had to deal with packing and unpacking these units. There is lots of functionality including being able to print on both sides of the page automatically, most print methods are supported including post script, lots of printer memory for storage of jobs and 600 – 1200 DPI print output. Page count is about 33 pages per minute both in color or black and white mode.

Down Sides

The main downsides are the cost, I spent approximately $700 for the printer and another 800 for a replacement set of inks. The printer does ship with all the ink you need however which can knock 200 dollars each times 4 or about 800 dollars off the cost. You can also use recycled ink from ink technologies to cut that cost by 3 quarters. Still it’s expensive although it performs at the high end of the spectrum, I may have bought to much printer for what I need.
The other issue is the size. The printer weighs about 75 pounds unloaded so make sure you have a sturdy shelf.


Over all I’m very happy. I’d give this printer 4.5 stars. If you need a heavy work horse printer especially for a small office, this is the unit for you.

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