Another Review from Scott

I am far behind, as this was posted by Scott Granados on the mac4theblind email list several weeks ago. Neverthe less, I give you another review from Scott, this one on the Jawbone Era:

So, as some of you may know on 01/27 Jawbone refreshed the Era which is their flagship bluetooth headset. As a refresher the old Era was a very small headset (about 15 grams) and had decent noise cancelation. There was also firmware upgradable code and motion censors etc.

Well it’s time for a new one.

First, the Era by Jawbone is a fully functional tiny headset. A2DP is supported so you can have iPhone audio through the headset as well as several handsfree profiles including the new wide band standard. Sound assassin 4 is now present along with the same old cheek censor.
The headset itself is now less than 10 grams in a very small form factor. The New jawbone is a small rectangular outside with an ear spiraled insert that fits in your ear canal. The headset sits on the outside of your ear with the small bump censor against your cheek or well jawbone. (hence the name) The only controls on the unit are a programmable button on the back you use for operation and a slide switch on the inside next to the ear for power.

Pairing was very easy. Simply power up the unit the first time and it drops in to pairing mode. Select with your phone and the pairing happens automatically including the code key.
The ear fit is a little complicated. You have spiraled inserts that should fit your ear. You sort of spin the headset in to your ear with the ear opening lining up with your canal and the other counter balance side part of the spiral providing counter pressure so it stays lodged in your ear. This is very comfortable because there’s no one point or a few points of friction holding the headset in, rather the whole base supports weight and keeps the headset solid, very well done once you get the fit
Over all I say by the headset. The voice quality, size, ease of operation and quality finally are worth the users time. This is a perfect operating Jawbone, something I haven’t seen before so get


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