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Here is another announcement that crossed my desk. This is from the folks at Fedora Outlier. See the below link for all of the details!

Mac Master Series presented by Fedora Outlier LLC

Have you recently purchased a Mac computer? Did you make the switch from the Windows platform to the Mac, but have no idea where to begin? Everything you need from getting started to becoming a proficient Mac user will be available to you when you take part in Fedora Outlier’s Mac Master Series.

How will this course help you learn how to use your Mac? We are able to provide you with a better than excellent, easy to follow on-line course that will help you to master your Mac computer. It will begin from the moment you unbox the computer, with instructions for every step along the way, and move on to VoiceOver, the built-in screen reader that is included on all Mac computers ever since OS 10.4 Tiger.

We are beginning this journey with a fantastic launch party on Thursday, May 15 at 9 P.M. Eastern, 8 P.M. Central, 7 P.M. Mountain, and 6 P.M. Pacific time. You won’t want to miss a single moment, and have only to gain from joining the Fedora team along with all of our other attendees. We will explain more about the Mac Master Series, and answer all of your questions, so don’t delay, get your invitation right now at the following link:

Launch party

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