A Couple of Links to Share and a Quick Note

Here are a couple of links I wanted to share that might be helpful to others.

The first is from Applevis, and is written by, James Goldsworthy, a client and friend of mine. It’s on how to install the high quality voices for your iDevice. Note that it is written with UK English in mind, but the info James has provided works for all voices.

Go here to read the article.

The second link is for a podcast on Logic Pro X accessibility done by another friend, Keith Reedy. I have gotten more than a few questions about how accessible logic is with VoiceOver. This podcast should be quite useful to those interested in the subject.

You’ll find it here.

Lastly, as a note to the visitors and readers of this site, I have been fortunate enough to have gotten some contract work directly with Apple in regards to accessibility. As a consequence of this situation, I will be traveling out to California periodically. Also, well, I will have work to do for them, along with my training. How everything is impacted remains to be seen, but the point to this note is that updates to this site may not come as frequently and info I’d want to post quickly might be delayed. So, I apologize in advance, but it cannot be helped.

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