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A few weeks ago, Anna Dresner released an updated version of her book on using iOS to address iOS 8. The book is called, “Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 8 : Step-by-Step Instructions for Blind Users”, and is being sold by the National Braille Press. This is a great, easy to read and follow book, and it’s definitely worth having as part of your resource material. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner in the world of the iPhone or iPad or someone who has used the devices for a long while. In either case, you will benefit from this book.

Many people see Anna’s contributions on the visually impaired iPhone list and know she is always willing to help. I’ve known her for quite a few years now, and just as her contributions on lists are straight to the point and clearly presented, so is the information in her latest edition of her book. I highly recommend it to everyone.

To obtain more information or to purchase the book,
please go here.

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