Mac for the Blind is Proud to Make Audio Tutorials Available

I have been asked by many folks over the years if I would ever consider creating audio tutorials on the Mac and iOS that I would sell. Basically, they have wanted me to record the lessons that I normally teach a client and make them available to any interested people who are either beginners or experienced users alike. This has been a consistent question I’ve gotten for a good couple of years now.

Finally, I have decided to take the plunge and try my hand at creating and selling audio tutorials. I am trying to keep them as affordable as possible, but to also be of the highest audio and content quality as well. I will have at least a half a dozen files available for sale by the end of this month with others planned for the future.

At this point, I am starting with Mac material. The “Introduction to VoiceOver on the Mac” file is free for anyone to download as a sample. As for the others, I am going to try to keep even the more in depth ones under $60.

Realistically, I will honestly say that nothing beats being taught the Mac or iOS from a qualified and knowledgeable trainer and I certainly hope that these tutorials will encourage folks to pursue training. Still, having a file you can reference and use as you learn the Mac or your iPhone or other iDevice is still extremely valuable and useful. What you will hear in these tutorials is exactly the kinds of material and the manner in which I train my clients on a daily basis. I simply approached recording them as if I was working with an individual or a group.

I am certainly open to comments and suggestions as time goes on. If the tutorials prompt any questions, please feel free to let me know as well. This is an “experiment” I am trying and it will be a work in progress. However, I think you will find the files worth your money in the end. I thank you in advance for purchasing the files, and I will be offering discounts for package purchases, coupons and other goodies as time passes and they seem to attract enough attention and a positive response.

Please go
here for the audio tutorials.

I would also like to thank Derek Lane for his fantastic work on editing the audio files. Derek is the master at making audio its highest quality possible, and I am grateful for a very fortunate in person meeting I had with him in Florida at the NFB summer convention in which he agreed to edit my work and make me sound a heck of a lot better than I actually do in real life …

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