Apple Event held on September 9

This was one of the rare times in which I was not able to update the page with news. Timing is often everything, and I literally was on vacation just two days prior to the September 9 Apple event. So, now that I am home, I am catching up a bit here. You can read a summary of the event on the
News page of the site.

I have personally updated all of my iOS devices to iOS 9. I don’t feel that this release is anything like the iOS 8 release as far as any true “show stopping” bugs. If you are curious about what bugs do exist, as usual, the great folks at Applevis, have done a great job listing the bugs in iOS 9

I have also updated my Apple Watch to Watch OS 2 without any issues. If you have the watch, I would strongly recommend upgrading. The only oddity I experienced was that my speech rate had seemed to slow down a bit upon the update finishing. Also, the raise to activate feature, which I had disabled, had been turned on, but this might have been by design from what I have read.

At some point, though it is long overdue, I will be doing a post on my impressions of the Apple Watch. Some have asked me to do this, and I honestly do intend on doing so. It’s just a matter of finding the time to sit down and write out a coherent piece.

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