Another Braille Solution for the Mac

The topic of Braille translation and embossing by way of the Mac has come up frequently on the various email lists for blind Mac users. I have presented a few posts on this subject over the years, which has included information on the Index Braille Embossers and their Mac compatible software.

As someone who was fortunate enough to have grown up learning Braille and has used it throughout his life, this is a subject that has a lot of personal meaning to me. I am disturbed deeply by the attitude of some sighted teachers and educators who believe Braille is a dinosaur and that in the world of electronic information, it’s not necessary to teach blind children or adults Braille. That is like saying sighted kids shouldn’t have to learn to handwrite because they have keyboards. It’s a matter of simple literacy, in my opinion, so this is a major reason why I am presenting this information.

Let me also be clear here that I do not receive any compensation for sales or such by “promoting” these products. I believe them to be valuable tools that have gotten lost in the world of other Braille equipment producers who receive more attention because of popularity and in some cases, basic unfair politics. David Pillischer is a man who has been involved in the sales, repairs and production of Braille embossers for nearly 30 years, and I have been fortunate enough to have had the Cosmo Brailler demonstrated to me on two occasions. Note that these demonstrations were done by way of a Mac Book Pro laptop.

Recently, I had a conversation with David Pillischer, who I have known as far back as when I was an assistive technology vendor. As a result of this discussion about Braille on the Mac, he sent me a link to an article that I thought might be of interest to some folks. Please pass this information around, as there is definitely another potential Braille solution for blind Mac users out there, especially in the education area.

Please go here and the article is the first one in this issue.

I would definitely check out the BERT software and the Cosmo Brailler. If you would like details about these products, please

visit here

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