More Info about the Cosmo and BERT

A short time back, I posted information on the Cosmo Brailler and the BERT software Braille solution produced by David Pillischer of Electronic Brailler LLC.

Apple posted a press release to their educator group in regard to the products a week or two ago. I wanted to post what was written and, again, ask that folks pass this around as a viable Braille solution for the Mac. This really has particularly important ramifications for educators and providing Braille to students, even if they are not located in the same facility as the Braille teacher. Below is the press release.

Electronic Brailler LLC developed a comprehensive teaching tool for an underserved population of disabled students designed for schools and government education agencies.
It is the only accessible communication technology of its kind made for blind and deaf/blind students that allows them to communicate with teachers at a remote location.
It has the potential to be a market leader for companies supplying eLearning solutions for students or the state agencies responsible for education of blind / deaf-blind individuals.
Benefits of BERT (Braille Education Remote Tool)
Safety for the itinerant teaching staff
Traffic delays to and from student locations.
Winter road hazards where driving may be postponed or delayed.
Anytime a teacher needs to travel to see students there is potential for auto accidents.
Saving Cost of time
We save teachers travel time resulting in more contact time or meeting with more students on a daily or weekly basis.
Saving Cost of travel
Travel related expense or automobile expenses such as: petroleum, highway tolls, eventual repairs for vehicles, mileage compensation paid to the teacher, or the cost of a driver.
True Accessibility
The teacher does not necessarily need to know Braille to communicate using braille when teaching a blind or deaf blind student.
A TVI experienced with braille can instruct a student using any braille format, teach a student proper braille formats, translation and fingering techniques.

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