Updates, 4/17/16

Over the last month or month and a half, for those who visit this site and take an extensive look around, you might have noticed that I have been making an effort to update the various pages here with the latest information on the Mac and the iDevices.

This is no easy task for one person who is running a business and involved in other non-business projects. So, I apologize for anything that you do find that is out of date, but I am doing my best.

To start, since August of 2015, I have been adding audio tutorials for sale on both the Mac and iOS. I have, as indicated, kept the prices for these tutorials under $50 and they mainly average around the $35 area. At this point, I have nearly 30 of them now, and I will be adding more as time passes. You can take a look
here for what is currently available.

I have reorganized the
Documentation page of the site
This includes the additions of the VoiceOver Getting Started Guide for El Capitan, Mac OS X El Capitan Keyboard shortcuts and some updated iOS documentation. I also rearranged and subdivided the page to make it easier for the user to locate what he or she might be looking for more easily.

Note that I cannot currently locate an electronic version of the iOS 9 user guide or updated electronic versions of the Apple TV 4th generation or the Apple Watch guides as of yet.

In addition, the Getting started pages for both
the Mac
and iOS
have been updated and reorganized. I’ve also removed some of the older documentation and resources to make it less cluttered and easier to find the latest information.

Many of the other pages have also been updated or tweaked here and there. Please feel free to look around and provide me with any comments or reference material that I don’t currently have. Also, if you have your own resources or information that you would like to make available or have me promote for you, please also let me know.

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