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As a follow up to my previous post in regard to the National Federation of the Blind’s 2016-04 Resolution, I commented further on it in the latest episode of the iAccess VO podcast. I am a frequent guest to come on with Brian and Ed, and I verbally explain exactly my opinion about the resolution.

I am posting the link here because I have received a few comments via Twitter and privately through conversations. I want to stress again that my post was not directed in any way at criticizing the NFB or participating in “bashing” the organization. As I clearly state on the podcast, my “problem” is specifically with Resolution 2016-04 because of its language and the fact that other mainstream technology companies guilty of similar shortcomings were not included in it. As I said to an NFB person in Twitter to sum up my overall opinion, the resolution simply should not have been brought up at all or should have been written differently to reflect a broader spectrum of companies who might want to be taken to task for possibly dropping the ball when it comes to advances in accessibility of their products and operating systems.

In any event
the episode can be found here.

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