Apple Event from September 7 and Some Additional News

I am a bit behind here, and it seemed that Apple decided to release a lot of products while I was on vacation. I summarized most of the announcements from their September 7 event
I did not buy
an Apple Watch Series 2,
but I did upgrade my iPhone 6S to
an iPhone 7.

I have to say that though I wouldn’t consider it a major step up from the 6S, there is a noticeable speed increase overall on the device. Additionally,
iOS 10
which was released on the 13th, runs like a champ on the new phone. I can definitely say that I’m really happy with it.

On the subject of iOS 10, I think the accessibility folks at Apple did a fine job. If you are on the fence about updating your device, I would honestly say it’s not the typical dicy proposition that some initial upgrades can be. To me, what bugs there are are far from a show stopper and in most cases, you can work around them. As usual,
the fine folks at Applevis did a very nice summary of the major and minor bugs they found in iOS 10.

For you Mac users, Mac OS Sierra
was released on September 20 as a free upgrade.
As I said with iOS 10, this is another solid upgrade by the accessibility team from Apple. It’s another upgrade I’d consider to be “safe” for those of you who are undecided about upgrading your current operating system. SIRI on the Mac makes it worth the upgrade alone, though there are really no major VoiceOver additions. In fact, I think the upgrade really took care of many of the preexisting bugs from El Capitan and earlier.
Here is a very nice summary of Sierra provided by the Applevis gang.

I didn’t mention it in the News page, but besides the Apple Watch Series 2 being released,
Watch OS 3 is also available,
and is another great upgrade if you own an Apple Watch, as I do.

So, overall, it was a busy few weeks while I was away.

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