WWDC 2017 Announcements

Once Again, Apple held it’s World Wide Developer Conference, returning to San Jose after some 15 years. There were quite a few product announcements made by Tim Cook during the two and a half hour keynote presentation. I tried to summarize things on the
News page of the site.

From an accessibility perspective, in my opinion, there wasn’t anything specific that caught my attention or anything that I thought was something to really get excited about.
There is a great post from
the Applevis people that talks about the accessibility features expected in all of the new software releases across the board.

Personally, since I am looking to upgrade my 2012 Mac Book Pro, I was interested in the refresh of the notebook models. I will probably end up buying a new Mac Book Pro 13 inch model over the summer, in fact.

The HomePod was probably the one product that I found most interesting. I’ve been on the fence of whether to purchase an Amazon Echo or Dot, but when I heard Apple might be releasing their own product, I held off to see what would be available from them and how it might differ. I will probably end up purchasing the HomePod when it’s available, as its speaker for music is something I really want, along with the kind of abilities offered by the Echo. Additionally, from what I’ve read about the Echo and Dot being “always on” even when it is said not to be and Apple’s commitment to privacy, well, I’d rather go in the direction of Apple when it comes to that particular subject.

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