Updates, 6/4/11

There have been a few uploads over the last couple of days.

flac_import_0.5b1_p0.1.dmg and xiph-qt-0-1.1.9.dmg are components that will allow one to play FLAC audio files via QuickTime player. Please see the accompanying documentation for where to copy the appropriate components files.

rar_expander_v084.dmg is a .rar expander for the Mac for compressed files in the .rar format.

Make Ringable v1.1.dmg, is a ring tone creator application that is copied into the scripts folder of iTunes. Please read the read me documentation for specific details, but it is very straight forward and makes the ring tone process quite simple.

Create To Do.workflow, is a nice little workflow you copy into your /users/library/services/ folder. After you activate the service in System Preferences, you can also assign a shortcut key combination to it. When ran, it presents a quick way of adding events to your iCal by filling in the appropriate edit fields for the appointment title and checking required boxes to select a specific calendar or set a time and date for the event. The event is added directly to iCal.

Please see the

Freeware and Other Downloads

section for these and other useful files.

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