OS X Lion is here!

As of this morning, Apple has made the latest version of their operating system available, OS 10.7 Lion. It can be purchased and downloaded from the Mac App store for a very nice price of only $29.

Lion contains many new features and improvements to the OS, as well as some added goodies for us VoiceOver users. This includes a bunch of new voices (including several for some 20 plus languages) one can download and use for free. Also, there is a new “Activities” feature, and a Quicknav Commander to join the Numpad, Keyboard and Trackpad commanders. A new drag and drop method has been implemented, as well as a slight change to how one carries out non-contiguous selections.

As far as I can tell, the information on the Apple website about VoiceOver has not been updated to reflect the changes to VoiceOver as of yet, but an exploration of the help menus and some good old experimenting will help you discover and learn.

To read about Mac OS Lion,
go here.

There has also been refreshes to the Mac Book Air and Mac Mini lines that might be of interest to current and potential users. Thunderbolt technology has been added to both products, as well as upgrades to their processors. It also appears that the white Mac Book line has been discontinued by Apple.
For information about the new Mac Book Air,
see here.

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