A Point of Clarification about this Site

I never thought I’d be writing a post like this, as I would think that the content of this site would make it pretty obvious as to what my intent for having it happens to be. However, I just trashed a comment someone wanted to make because it was completely out of bounds in regard to the purpose and intent of Macfortheblind, and, not to mention, it was so inaccurate and bias that I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read it. I really can’t believe that there is anyone, other than Steve Balmer of Microsoft who still can’t get their brain and mindset out of 1995. Hey …. maybe it was Mr. Balmer incognito who wrote the comment ….

In any event, please understand that this is a resource site for blind and visually impaired people who are either using a Mac or iDevice or who are considering using a Mac or an iDevice. I have tried to gather as much information as possible on a variety of topics to help the current or potential user in as many ways as possible. Whether this be by touching on frequently asked questions or the not so commonly encountered subject, I have tried to cover as much ground as I can.

Additionally, I started to do the audio demonstration series and podcast to enhance the information on the site. Often, hearing someone go through the steps to carry out a task is even more helpful than reading a step by step set of instructions. Thus, I’ve tried to pick topics of interest or importance to demonstrate and, hopefully, add to the value of what else can be found here. It is a labor of love, but, overall, it is MY site.So, with that said, please understand that if you are going to comment on any post or any material on a specific page, please make the comment relevant and related to the post or material. If you want to add something or even correct an inaccuracy, that is perfectly fine and very much welcomed. I am NOT an expert on any area and I make my share of mistakes. I would rather have anything wrongly presented here corrected or modified if it is necessary.

Why I trashed the particular post in question was because it did not fit any of that criteria. In typical “shill” style, it complimented Apple for their contributions to accessibility, but mainly focused on archaic opinions concerning why the Mac is not a “serious” computer for the business world. I think he even made the 1990’s PC fan boy statement that the Mac is only a “toy”. Furthermore, the writer put forth the completely false and highly outdated claim that “%99.9 of businesses today use Windows. Clearly, the individual has not been keeping up with market trends in the enterprise area where Apple, Google and others have been eating Microsoft’s lunch over the last two years in particular.

There was also the assertion that bashing of the Windows screen reader companies and Microsoft has been taking place here, which has not been the case at all. If I comment on Microsoft, unlike the writer, I make sure I have my data and facts up-to-date, and I also attempt to keep my information in context to a specific topic in question. It was also suggested that not enough credit has been given to the Windows screen reader companies for their contribution to accessibility ….. dude, this is MACFORTHEBLIND …..

My point to be clear here is this site is about using the Mac and iDevices. It is a resource place for a community of users and, like Apple’s philosophy, is ALL about the user. If I am seeking an open forum for general opinions about Apple, accessibility and Microsoft, I will specify this in the post and be clear about it. Apple is not perfect and discussing bugs and issues and “wish lists” is fine. Complaints and comments within reason and in good taste are even acceptable as long as they are on topic for the post, but go elsewhere if you are going to try to work as a marketing person for Freedom Scientific or any of the other Windows screen reader developers. There are other places to exalt all about their virtues. Your propaganda is not welcome here, I’m afraid.

The blindness community has had to accept such overpriced and all too often barely adequate access in the past. Apple might not be perfect and one can surely point out bugs and issues, but in six years, without a “blind tax”, they have caught up and even surpassed their Windows “brethren”. This site is MACFORTHEBLIND. Please keep that in mind?

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