Updates, 9/11/11, and an Idea I am Kicking Around

The 10th episode in the Macfortheblind Audio Demonstration Series has been added to our
Demonstrations page.

This is not a comprehensive demonstration, but I tried to cover the aspects of IChat that I felt were the most important to mention. This includes setting up audio and speech notifications, iChat preferences of note, items on the menu bar to be aware of, and starting a text chat with an online contact. It is obviously done in Lion, but the demonstration does pertain to Snow Leopard and, I think, even Leopard iChat users as well.

My idea

To my knowledge, the information about applications that has been collected on the
apple vis site
specifically is for iDevices. What I believe is lacking is a place that does something similar for applications for the Mac that can be bought through the Mac App store or from third party developers. If this resource already exists and I am not aware of one that has current or continually updated information, I humbly stand corrected, but I have not found any that deals with present application resources.

With that said, what I am considering is devoting a section to this site to providing information on available applications for the Mac in a similar manner as Applevis does for iDevice applications. It does not have to be as comprehensive, but mainly something that provides information about the app as to what it does, the developer, its cost and notes on its accessibility. Reviews can be added to the
User Reviews page.
of this site as additional information for an application.
The problem is that I really do not have the time or ability to add this kind of project to everything else I am currently doing. I am looking for someone or a few people who have the time and, just as important, the dedication to start and maintain such a project. I will, of course, lend a hand, but I really would like an individual or individuals to take on the full responsibility for this.

If you are interested or you know of someone who might be willing to put time and effort into this project, please have them contact me at


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