A Few Notes

Just as a few notes for those who are subscribed to this blog or who are subscribed to our Audio Demonstration Series, the next episode will be coming. I ended up damaging the audio jack for my Mac Book Pro, and my MBP is being repaired. As soon as it is back in my hands, I will be attempting to do a podcast that will try to give some pointers and information about using iTunes on the Mac, as this seems to be a topic that often surfaces on the blind Mac users lists.

Additionally, having preordered my iPhone 4S, I will be posting information on my experiences and, possibly, doing a podcast on iOS 5. With iOS 5 and iCloud coming on the 12th, there will be a lot of information out there, so I’ll try to present my thoughts and findings on those subjects as well.

Finally, as the world continues to mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, who, I have no problem admitting, was one of my true heroes, the Maccessibility Network has posted a very nice tribute written by several blind people who talk about the impact that Steve Jobs had on their lives and what Mr. Jobs has meant to the world. It is great reading, as far as I am concerned. You can find the article

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