Updates, 10/14/11, and a Public Apology

With the official release of the iPhone 4S coming today, I envy those who have already received their new phones or are expecting them today. Since I ordered mine from AT&T, I don’t know when mine is shipping, as I have received no formal word. As soon as I do have it, I will post something here with my observations and comments.

However, on the
page, I have added a demonstration of iOS 5 that is done by Sarah Alawami. She does a nice job covering it, and there is a direct link to her podcast. I thank her for allowing us to link to her informative demonstration.On a related note to iOS 5 and VoiceOver, I wanted to post a public apology. The day before the official release of iOS5, I took the liberty of posting some links that contained information on iOS 5 and, specifically, VoiceOver. It would be very easy to claim that this information was, at the time, available all over the internet as a way of “justifying” the fact that I posted links to these sites. I also had in mind, at that time, that I wasn’t sure if I’d be around on the 12th to be able to post anything here since I had believed that I’d be out all day and away from computer access.

Overall, though, as iOS 5 was released by Apple on October 12, it was not right of me to present any information that was realistically only available to those who were beta testing the software. Even though they had posted it on their blogs and I was only linking to them, in effect, we here at Macfortheblind were equally guilty for what could be seen as “violating” a NDA. We are not beta testers of any iOS software, but that isn’t the point. I was wrong in not waiting until the 12th to post the links in a public venue.

Thus, I humbly apologize to Apple and to those who spent their time testing iOS 5 and providing their helpful feedback to help make the release as solid and stable as it is. I was wrong in prematurely presenting information on the software, and it will never happen again here.

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