Updates, 11/2/11

Just as a few updates, I added two new documents to the
Documentation section of the site.

The first document is a comprehensive list of keyboard and gestures for iOS 5 that was written by Daniel Gˆransson
AxS Lab.

The other document is a combination of an article written by Erica Sadun on some basic Commands one can use with the Siri Assistant on the iPhone 4S. The other is information that is in the
Tips and Tricks for Third Party Applications on iOS devices section.
It was originally from a December 2009 blog post by Joe Tomasone and the post was titled, Some Tips for Dragon Dictation”. You can now find the original blog post by the author

Although that part is in reference to Dragon Dictation, the commands and concepts are useful in using Siri as well.

As a last note, I am not sure if the next episode of the Audio Demonstration Series will be another Mac OS X installment or if I will turn to iOS5 now that I have my iPhone 4S. I am looking for suggestions for subjects one would like me to demonstrate, so please feel free to make any in the comments section or by writing to me.

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