Happy Thanksgiving to All

I wanted to wish our readers and everyone who ventures across this site a very happy and safe Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating the American holiday tomorrow. I would advise not too eat too much or overdo it, but since I most likely am going to do so myself, it wouldn’t be worth even mentioning it ….

It is those of you who have found this site to be helpful and who have written me to tell me so who make this effort worth continuing. I’m glad that folks are getting something out of the site, and I will be, of course, adding more as I can as I stumble across it. This is, as I have said, a labor of love, so I can’t always add updates as regularly as I would like. Still, I have plenty of things I am working on and will be adding them as time permits.

Lastly, also something I have repeated here a bunch of times, it is the community effort that counts the most and what makes Macfortheblind what it is. Thus, if you would like to contribute either by writing something yourself or sending something along to me that has helped you, I truly welcome it. Also, if you have links to other useful and helpful sites or to podcasts I have missed, please feel free to drop me a line through the,
Contact Us Page.

I thank you for continuing to visit this site and for making my humble effort worthwhile to maintain and expand.

John Panarese

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