More on Mountain Lion

With there being more news on the Mountain Lion update to the Mac OS that is reported to be coming this summer, here is another pretty informative Mac World article on it. Note also that Mac World does some pretty good looks at the specific new features in Mountain Lion, such as Reminders, notes and the Notification Center.

Here is the main article.

As a side note, there is no specific news on what is coming for VoiceOver and Mountain Lion. I find it a little disturbing that some have taken it upon themselves to make claims that there will be no improvements to VoiceOver or generalize their own specific issues they are having with Lion to make it seem as if they are universal problems. Let’s just wait and see what Apple does and stop assuming and speculating about things that won’t be revealed until Apple is ready.

In the mean time, though, if you have suggestions or specific bug reports that you know for sure are not limited to your system configuration, I would highly suggest dropping a line to Apple Accessibility. Now is the time to let them know.

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