Update, 3/11/12

Please excuse my lack of updates and additions to the site. My training schedule for Mac and iDevice clients has gotten busy, and, on top of that, I am in the midst of preparing for the Apple Certified Support Professional exam for Mac OS X Lion Essentials. This is turning out to be quite an intensive process, and my personal schedule to have accomplished this has not fallen into place. This has been mainly because the training guide is almost 1100 pages, and the lack of regular free time has caused me to be unable to read through it and prepare on a fixed schedule.

With that said, for the next 2 or 3 weeks, I am not going to have much time to add anything to the site of any major consequence I have an iOS 5.1 user guide for the iPhone that will get posted and a few other things, but this might not come swiftly. I apologize in advance for this.

Additionally, I will be purchasing the new iPad, and will post my thoughts and reactions to the device when I use it. I must correct my reference to the iPad as, the iPad 3, in the news section of the site. The new iPad is being called simply, iPad, as Apple is dropping the number convention on the iDevices. This is, of course, logical, as the iMac, Mac Book Pro, and Mac Book Air are not designated with numbers.

Finally, there does not seem to be any new additions or major fixes to iOS 5.1 and VoiceOver. I can say that the phone is a bit snappier, but there is now a strange bug present in which if you touch the screen as soon as you wake the phone from sleep, you end up in the Phone app. The work around I have found is to wait about 3 seconds before you first touch the screen.

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