Updates, 4/9/12

It’s the first time that I’ve had some time to work on the website with a full day’s worth of attention. Thus, I have added updates to several pages with additional information. This includes the
Tips and Tricks for the Mac page
and the
Training and Support page.
As usual, my thanks to those who have given me permission to post their material from the various user lists. This includes Mr. Lewis Alexander, who presents a really nice post on advice for dealing with non-Mac media formats on the Mac. I am grateful for his permission to add that to the site.

Podcasts will, hopefully, be coming soon. I am still in the process of studying for the ACSP for Lion Essentials exam, and have been busy with training jobs. However, I plan to do a podcast on a few apps for the iDevices and a return to the Mac with a VoiceOver Utilities overview.

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