Updates, 5/19/12

This is just a quick note to let folks know that I have not forgotten about the site or anything of that nature. After the whole ACSP preparation and exam taking process, I have found myself a bit tired and mentally burnt out. ON top of that, I have been training folks and doing some non-accessibility stuff to make a living that have kept me tied up as well.

With that said, though, I will be getting back to trying to put some additional material up. Also, the Audio Demonstration series will continue. I have just not decided what I will cover next. So many people have put up some great podcasts on iOS in places like the applevis site, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel by covering the same material. Thus, I am not sure if I should go back to the Mac, find some other areas of iOS to present or simply wait until Mountain Lion is released.

It may be a few more weeks, but things will be progressing here. So, please stay tuned. As always, I very much encourage and desire contributions and help from the community. So, if you have articles, podcasts, demonstration instructions or the like that you’d like to share, please let me know. I can’t stress enough how much I want Mac for the Blind to represent the blind Mac and iOS device user community.

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