Apple Products is proud to be an authorized Apple Store Business Affiliate. In purchasing some Apple products through the inks on this site, besides helping us to maintain these pages, you will also be entitled to technical support directly from us. Additionally, we offer free VoiceOver training on the Mac for your first 2 hours and an hour free of training for an iOS device. Additionally, you will receive a 10 percent discount off of my hourly teaching rate should you desire to continue to pursue training. This can be done via telephone, Skype or Messages/FaceTime, depending on whatever is most convenient and most effective for you.

Apple products are the most user friendly, reliable and advanced products available today. Whether it be the Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Mini, iMac,iPhone or iPad, you can’t go wrong. Please be sure to contact us should you use the Apple store link below to notify us that you have done so by emailing,

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