Free Audio Tutorial for New Mac Users

For the holidays, I have added a new audio tutorial, “An Introduction to MacOS and Your Mac.”, to the
Mac lessons page.

This is a free tutorial for those who might have recently received or purchased a Mac for the holidays. This tutorial gives you an overview of the Mac operating system and the important applications and tasks that you will want to use on your system. At the risk of self-promotion, I also point out the various additional audio tutorials and Apple Slices that will assist you in your learning process.

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For the holiday Season 2017

To celebrate this holiday season, there is a discount on all of the
audio tutorial series
and the
Apple slices.
Use the coupon code Hol10 during checkout to receive a discount. There will also be some other holiday specials coming as we get closer to Christmas!

For those of you who kindly tweet and share these posts in regard to the audio tutorial and apple slices series, I truly appreciate it. I wish

everyone a merry Christmas, a happy holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year.

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Updates for 9/27/17

I am a little behind, but the
News page of the site
has been updated with the last Apple event. I just received my iPhone 8 a few days earlier and I am, as usual, just as impressed with it as I have always been with new iPhones.

I chose to go with the iPhone 8 at this point, though, as a new gadget guy, the iPhone X was surely tempting. It really came down to financial considerations at the moment, and, well, the reality is the iPhone X is probably going to be the form factor for future iPhones and will, thus, be perfected in the next versions.

I also ordered my Apple Watch Series 3. Basically, I felt it was about time to upgrade my original Apple Watch. Also, I find that Watch OS 4 with VoiceOver is not running as crisply as the early versions. I like the idea of the watch having a cellular connection as well. I will have the watch over the next couple of weeks.
As far as iOS 11 goes, it is always entertaining for me to read the usual email list chatter when a new version of the iOS comes out and you have the usual reactions that range from the over dramatic to the highly exaggerated, with actual facts and good information sometimes being lost somewhere in between. In sum, iOS 11 is fine. For those of you on the fence, unless you are a hardcore Braille user, the update is perfectly safe to install. There are reports of Braille problems that, depending on how much you utilize Braille, might be best for you to wait for the maintenance releases. There are, as with any new software release, some bugs that are documented by Applevis, but none that are show stopping at all.

The same exact thing can be said for MacOS High Sierra 10.13. There are no bugs that are serious enough that one should hesitate to update their Mac. Only in the cases of situations in which you might have a much older system that might be borderline for updating that one might want to think about not doing so. I’ve been Beta testing it all summer and it’s running on both my 2013 iMac and my 2017 Mac Book Pro.

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iOS 11 is released

Today, Apple released iOS 11 for all supported devices. I have just updated my iPhone 7 and am messing with it. However, in their usual, efficient and informative manner,, Applevis has a summary of what you can expect
which you can read here.
In that article, there is also a direct link to another article that addresses the known bugs from serious to minor in iOS 11.

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FYI, in case there is any interest.

I have recently been asked to be a revolving cohost on the Blind Abilities podcast with Brian Fischler. Recently, I recorded my first episode with Brian. If anyone is interested, the link to the show is
here to listen to it.

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Mac for the Blind 4th of July and Convention Sale

In honor of the 4th of July and the ACB and NFB summer conventions, Mac for the Blind is happy to announce a sale on all audio tutorials and Apple Slices! This sale will continue throughout the month of July. Anyone looking to take advantage of this sale can use the coupon code, FB15CON when checking out!

Have a great 4th of July and for those attending the summer conventions, have a safe and great time! I will be speaking at the NFB convention on July 12 for the Trainer’s Division, so I look forward to meting anyone who happens to be there at that time.

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WWDC 2017 Announcements

Once Again, Apple held it’s World Wide Developer Conference, returning to San Jose after some 15 years. There were quite a few product announcements made by Tim Cook during the two and a half hour keynote presentation. I tried to summarize things on the
News page of the site.

From an accessibility perspective, in my opinion, there wasn’t anything specific that caught my attention or anything that I thought was something to really get excited about.
There is a great post from
the Applevis people that talks about the accessibility features expected in all of the new software releases across the board.

Personally, since I am looking to upgrade my 2012 Mac Book Pro, I was interested in the refresh of the notebook models. I will probably end up buying a new Mac Book Pro 13 inch model over the summer, in fact.

The HomePod was probably the one product that I found most interesting. I’ve been on the fence of whether to purchase an Amazon Echo or Dot, but when I heard Apple might be releasing their own product, I held off to see what would be available from them and how it might differ. I will probably end up purchasing the HomePod when it’s available, as its speaker for music is something I really want, along with the kind of abilities offered by the Echo. Additionally, from what I’ve read about the Echo and Dot being “always on” even when it is said not to be and Apple’s commitment to privacy, well, I’d rather go in the direction of Apple when it comes to that particular subject.

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My return to the iAccess VO Podcast

It’s been a few months, but I was, once again, a guest on the iAccess VO podcast hosted by Brian and Ed. If you are interested in listening,
please go here.

As usual, I thank Brian and Ed for inviting me on. There are some interesting topics that we discuss, and Brian and Ed have a great guest, who is the blind mayor of a city in the mid-west.

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Mac for the Blind is Proud to Announce the Apple Slices Series

In conjunction with the Audio Tutorial Series for the Mac and iOS, I am now adding what I’m calling, Apple Slices. These are very short mini lessons of 5 to 7 minutes in length that focus on a specific task or a feature within an application on the Mac or in iOS. Instead of the full overview of an application, as the audio tutorials attempt to do, I just present a single task or tasks related to a specific feature.

So, over the next few months, look for these Apple Slices to start to be added. My goal is to give people the option to purchase very affordable mini lessons that are under $5.00 in cost. The user might know how to use, for example, Mail on the Mac, but, perhaps, they don’t know how to create a signature or exactly how to deal with receiving a mail attachment. This is where the Apple Slices will work for that person. As more are added, look for “Apple Pie” options and other announcements.

As with the Audio Tutorial Series, I am interested in suggestions for additions for the series. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Also, as usual, feedback is always appreciated.

I thank all of those who have purchased the Audio Tutorial Series over the last year and a half, and I hope the Apple Slices will be a great value to others as well. You can look
here to keep track of the series as it grows.

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Cyber Weekend sale on All Audio Tutorials!

A new audio tutorial for the Mac has been added to the
Mac Lessons Page
You can learn about using VoiceOver and SIRI in Mac OS Sierra in this tutorial.

Also, until Monday, November 28 at midnight, receive a 25 percent discount on all audio tutorials by using the promo code, Fav25 when you checkout and are ready to pay. This gives those folks who have bought previous tutorials the chance to complete their collection, as well as give the new person the chance to buy them at a discounted price. Remember this deal only lasts until the end of Cyber Monday!

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