Requests and Contributions welcomes any requests for any information you feel is either missing or you’d like to see included. The idea behind this site is to help the community, so if you have questions or things you’d like us to answer or include, please use the comments section of this page or any specific page to let us know.

Additionally, since we want this to be a community-driven place, we welcome any contributions you might be willing to offer. Whether that be “how to” pieces, tips and tricks for the Mac or iOS devices, a tutorial, a podcast, a review of an application or accessory/product, or any information you’d be willing to share, please let us know. You will be given full credit for your contributions in all cases. If you are interested, please email,

or use our Contact form page

If you’d like to contribute any items, please read the following basic guidelines we’d like to have folks follow

For “how to” or “tips and tricks” contributions

For submitting, “how to” or “tips and tricks” contributions, please be sure to include the following,

  • • The category in which the submission fits (Mac and OS X, a third party application for the Mac, iOS devices, or a third party application for an iOS device)
  • • if it pertains to an iOS device, indicate the specific device/devices
  • • If it is a “how to” contribution, try to use simple steps easy to follow for both the new or advanced user in your submission
  • • If it is a “tip or trick” contribution, attempt to be as specific as possible with your information and try to avoid being over technical, unless the subject matter requires it

For User Reviews of Applications or Accessories

Please include the following in any reviews posted or sent to us,

  • • The name of the product
  • • The Device it runs on or works with (Mac OS X or specific iOS Devices)
  • • The developer or manufacturer (including any contact information if possible)
  • • As detailed review of the application or accessory as possible (positives and negatives)

Please do not simply say the product was not what you expected, doesn’t do as advertised, is the greatest thing since sliced bread or is amazing, and leave it at that. The more detailed you can get in your review, the better it is for all readers.

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