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Google has released an application for iOS devices that may be an alternative, as Apple will be dropping their youtube app in iOS 6. However, there are some issues to be aware of. You can read a very useful summary from the Maccessibility folks

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Supported Braille display in OS X Mountain Lion

I thought some might find this Apple support article useful.

See here.

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A quick note about Maccessibility Net

Just in case others haven’t seen this, Maccessibility Net has been redesigned and made even better. If you haven’t taken a look over there, please visit our good friends there. You can read about all the details

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Potentially Useful Info

From the good folks at Applevis, there was recently a podcast explaining how one can remap the keys on their Mac to enable one to use the caps lock key as the VoiceOver (control-option) key combination. I have read some people ask about this on the various Mac user lists, so it caught my attention.

I will say, and this is personal opinion only, that it’s a bit of a hack and a little too much effort to accomplish for me to really use it, but it does work and I felt it was something worth bringing attention to it.

I would highly recommend all of the podcasts Applevis has available, but for this one, please go

New episodes for the Audio Demonstration series are coming. I will be adding a 3 part series over the next few weeks or month in regard to using the Finder on the Mac. Hopefully, it will walk you through Finder basics and understanding the folder and file system on the Mac by the time it is finished.

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Updates, 8/25/12

I have added a few more times to the
Documentation page
of the site. This includes a couple of contributions from Michael Gerwat, who edited a version of the VoiceOver Getting Started with Mountain Lion and the Macbook Pro User Guide in a format conducive for those who read with a Braille display.

In addition, I added some new links to podcasts in the
Links page
of the site. This includes the Tech Doctor podcast hosted by Dr. Robert Carter, and the iBlindtech podcast, hosted by Garth Humphreys.

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Updates, 8/14/12

Here are some updates for the site:

1. Episode 17 of the Audio Demonstration Series is now available through iTunes or on the
Demonstrations page.
I do a brief demonstration on how the Dictation feature works in Mountain Lion and explain how it is set up. It is not a detailed demo, but it should help you get started and to understand how you can use the new feature.

2. In the
documentation page
of the site, I have added an RTF version of the VoiceOver Getting Started with Mountain Lion guide. I will be putting a better version of this document up in the near future.

3. Lastly, I was, once again, invited to co-host the Triple Click Home podcast. It was just as much fun as the first time, and I am very humbled and thankful that Serotek asked me to join the gang another time. It is episode 9, for those of you keeping track, and it can be found

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Updates, 7/27/12

My first audio demonstration series podcast about Mountain Lion is now up. It is on selecting text on the web and the new ways one can do this in VoiceOver. You can find episode #16

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Mountain Lion is Here

The Big Cat Has Arrived

Well, the day has arrived. Yes, folks, OS Mountain Lion is now here. It was released by Apple as of this morning. You can purchase it through the Mac App Store for $19.99 and upgrade over both Snow Leopard or Lion.

I will be putting a few podcasts up in regard to Mountain Lion as the days pass. I have one done and am just waiting for my webmaster to upload it. Also, I added some new material to the
How to for the Mac and OS X pages for Mountain Lion

I am, so far, quite impressed. I always love installing a new operating system and exploring it and messing around for the first time. I am, when it comes to this stuff, like a big kid at Christmas time opening my presents.

I will mention a few of the features and additions that I have noticed. By no means is this a detailed description, but you will find a lot of information already all over the internet. The great folks at Applevis are already putting up a bunch of podcasts on Mountain Lion

Also, there are 3 books in the Take Control series from Tidbids Publishing that will be very helpful and useful to you. They are, “Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion 1.1”, “Take Control of Using Mountain Lion 1.1”, and, “Take Control of Mail in Mountain Lion”. You can find these books

Alternatively, my good friends at also have the entire series of take control books available. Please give them a look. Continue reading

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Preparing for Mountain Lion

With Mountain Lion said to be released later this month, it’s good idea to prepare oneself for the upgrade. At least, it’s best to get your system ready and to be aware of all the things that you should consider before you actually upgrade.

With that said, I am highly recommending the book, Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion, by Joe Kissel. This is a book published by TidBids Publishing, and there are a lot of very useful and helpful books they have released over the years.

Although you can get it through their website
I would also highly recommend the services to purchase any of the Take Control series of books from
these guys.
Please contact them for specific details.

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Updates, 6/30/12

I was recently honored and privileged and humbled to have been invited to be a guest host for the Serotek Triple Click Home podcast. It was a great deal of fun, and we discussed the World Wide Developer Conference and all of the Apple news that was released during the keynote address. I highly recommend that you subscribe to the podcast, as it is both quite entertaining and informative. I don’t know what I actually added to it, but I thank Serotek for inviting me to be a part of Episode #8. I certainly had a great time, and it has been one of my personal highlights of this Mac for the Blind adventure for me.

You can find the Triple Click Home podcast

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