Updates, 11/2/11

Just as a few updates, I added two new documents to the
Documentation section of the site.

The first document is a comprehensive list of keyboard and gestures for iOS 5 that was written by Daniel GĖ†ransson
AxS Lab.

The other document is a combination of an article written by Erica Sadun on some basic Commands one can use with the Siri Assistant on the iPhone 4S. The other is information that is in the
Tips and Tricks for Third Party Applications on iOS devices section.
It was originally from a December 2009 blog post by Joe Tomasone and the post was titled, Some Tips for Dragon Dictation”. You can now find the original blog post by the author

Although that part is in reference to Dragon Dictation, the commands and concepts are useful in using Siri as well.

As a last note, I am not sure if the next episode of the Audio Demonstration Series will be another Mac OS X installment or if I will turn to iOS5 now that I have my iPhone 4S. I am looking for suggestions for subjects one would like me to demonstrate, so please feel free to make any in the comments section or by writing to me.

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Updates, 10/19/11

The 12th episode in the Macfortheblind Audio Demonstration Series has been added. I try to cover some iTunes basics as far as the interface, the menus and some important iTunes preferences. However, being that iTunes is quite a sophisticated program, it’s impossible to give it a true spin in a single demo. Thus, I present an overview and enough, I think, to get the user started with the program. You can
go here
to download the episode.

In addition, I added the user guides for iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. These are converted PDF files, so if there are any issues, please let me know. They can be found on the
page of the site.

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Another iOS 5 Article of Interest

There has been a lot written about the new accessibility features in iOS 5 prior and since the release of the update on the 12th of October. Christopher Breen of Macworld, once again, did a great job in summing up what’s new in overall accessibility. It’s nice to see him continue to bring accessibility information to a “mainstream” publication. You can read the article

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Updates, 10/14/11, and a Public Apology

With the official release of the iPhone 4S coming today, I envy those who have already received their new phones or are expecting them today. Since I ordered mine from AT&T, I don’t know when mine is shipping, as I have received no formal word. As soon as I do have it, I will post something here with my observations and comments.

However, on the
page, I have added a demonstration of iOS 5 that is done by Sarah Alawami. She does a nice job covering it, and there is a direct link to her podcast. I thank her for allowing us to link to her informative demonstration. Continue reading

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iOS5 is Here!

Today, iOS 5 became available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPads 1 and 2, and the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch models. Besides there being some 200 new features, there are several changes and improvements to VoiceOver. As usual, the Maccessibility network has done a tremendous job reviewing what is new in VoiceOver. You can read all about it

Note that you must have iTunes 10.5 to be able to update to iOS 5 on your iOS device. Additionally, Mac OS 10.7.2 with iCloud support is also available as a software update.

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Some iOS 5 information

With the release of iOS 5 coming tomorrow, iTunes 10.5 is now available is a software update for both Mac and Windows. This is needed for the iOS 5 update. Additionally, iTunes 10.5 brings with it support for iCloud, Apple’s new online cloud based storage service.

As for iOS 5, here are a couple of links for some information.
For new features in VoiceOver,
see here.

For new VoiceOver gestures and keyboard commands in iOS 5,
see here.

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A Few Notes

Just as a few notes for those who are subscribed to this blog or who are subscribed to our Audio Demonstration Series, the next episode will be coming. I ended up damaging the audio jack for my Mac Book Pro, and my MBP is being repaired. As soon as it is back in my hands, I will be attempting to do a podcast that will try to give some pointers and information about using iTunes on the Mac, as this seems to be a topic that often surfaces on the blind Mac users lists.

Additionally, having preordered my iPhone 4S, I will be posting information on my experiences and, possibly, doing a podcast on iOS 5. With iOS 5 and iCloud coming on the 12th, there will be a lot of information out there, so I’ll try to present my thoughts and findings on those subjects as well.

Finally, as the world continues to mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, who, I have no problem admitting, was one of my true heroes, the Maccessibility Network has posted a very nice tribute written by several blind people who talk about the impact that Steve Jobs had on their lives and what Mr. Jobs has meant to the world. It is great reading, as far as I am concerned. You can find the article

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Steve Jobs

Macfortheblind.com mourns the death of Steve Jobs. It is, indeed, very sad news and a true blow to the technology world. The innovations and impact Mr. Jobs had on the world of technology cannot be fully estimated. His legacy to Apple and all of us who have had the privilege and good fortune to have used the products he helped to create and bring to life will be everlasting.

We send out our condolences and prayers to the family of Steve Jobs and the company he led for so long, Apple.

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updates, 9/22/11

The 11th installment of the Macfortheblind Audio Demonstration series is now up in the
Demonstrations page.

In this demonstration, I cover some iCal basics, including the interface, iCal preferences of note and setting up a new event. It is not an in depth demo, but hopefully, it will be enough to get you started.

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updates, 9/20/11

The next episode in the Macfortheblind Audio Demonstration series is coming. It will be on some iCal basics. I was, unfortunately, sick for a bit and my voice was not exactly up to recording quality, not that it’s normally pleasant to listen to.

I have added an Apple script to show the downloads window in Lion. This is not shown by default in Safari when you start a download, and you actually have to find the downloads button to see the status of downloads. This script will enable you to set up a keyboard shortcut either with Keyboard Commander in VoiceOver or a third party application, such as, Spark. It is, the, Toggle Downloads Pop Over script and can be found on our
Freeware Applications and other Downloads page.

Please read my notes in regard to setting it up and using it.

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