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I am posting the following announcement in case it might be of interest or help to folks. Anna Dresner writes very useful and helpful books, and this is another one.

An iMessaging guide from NBP!

A Quick Guide to iMessages with VoiceOver
by Anna Dresner
In braille, eBraille, and Word, $6.00

Everybody is texting — sending one another text messages. Texting is so popular because if the other person is available, you can communicate in real-time, but if your friend isn’t around, you can still convey important information quickly. And if you have an Apple device (an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5 or later or a Mac running Mountain Lion), you can text anyone else with one of these devices for free using a service called iMessage. A Quick Guide to iMessaging tells you how to text and use iMessage on all your Apple devices. You’ll learn how to send and receive messages and delete the ones you no longer want. If several people in your family share an Apple ID for buying apps and music but each have their own devices, you’ll also learn to configure iCloud so that you can iMessage each other. Buy this book, and start iMessaging today!

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