Guidelines for Posting Comments

Generally, I am not one for rules and regulations. I like to assume that, by and large, most people possess common sense and understand the basic idea of civility and respect for his/her fellow man/woman. In most cases, when it comes to email lists, forums and blog comment areas, the vast majority of folks do tend to get along well and without having to be “policed”.

Unfortunately, having been around places on the internet where people can participate as a community for a number of years, I have learned that it only takes a couple of bad apples to spoil the bunch. There are just some people, as small a segment as they might make up in the internet community, who need to be reminded of basic courtesy and how to conduct themselves among others.

Thus, at the risk of offending the “free speech” crowd and the “internet, wannabe lawyers”, what follows is a basic list of guidelines that one should abide by when posting comments here. These are in no particular order, but we would like them all to be kept in mind when you do post in any of the comments sections on these pages.

  1. Please avoid personal attacks or flaming of other members or the staff of this site. Such behavior will not be tolerated here, plain and simple.
  2. Please do not use foul language of any kind in your comments. This is a public site, and there is no place for it here. Yes, I’ve heard the old “we’re all adults” and “kids hear it everywhere” arguments, but cursing does not equate to one as being an “adult” nor does it demonstrate intelligence or creativity. Furthermore, just because kids might hear it on the playground, that doesn’t mean they should read it here. Our blog, our rules.
  3. When you comment about a particular subject or topic, please keep your comments relevant to that , subject or topic.
  4. Opinions are fine and everyone has a right to their own, but Apple bashing or the bashing of other companies, including adaptive technology companies and blindness organizations for the sake of bashing or to stir up controversy is not acceptable here. No company is perfect and the criticisms or displeasures one might find are perfectly fine, but keep such comments in good taste and within reason. If there is a blatant disrespect or simple bashing demonstrated in a comment, the comment will be removed. If the individual persist along those lines, they will be unable to post comments on this blog. Talking about software bugs, feature enhancements, wish lists and so forth is perfectly fine as long as they relate to the blog post to which they are a response.
  5. Please do not use the comment sections of these pages as a place for social networking. In other words, see the third guideline above. That should be clear enough

We thank you for your cooperation and we hope you will find this site helpful and useful.

4 Responses to Guidelines for Posting Comments

  1. says:

    I am going to be getting a Mac laptop for a gift I think. Coming from windows land, I know there will be lots of new things to learn, and have heard that you folks are very helpful. I do have a couple questions though.
    I have two external hard drives that I use on my windows machine. Can I use with with the Mac?
    And what is the best way to start learning the Mc using its speech program? Thanks ahead of time.

    • John says:

      If the hard drives are Windows formatted as NTFS, you will be able to read from them on the Mac, but not write to them nor write from them. You would need a third party application like Paragon NTFS to give you full read/write access.

      If it is some variety of FAT formatting, you can transfer files back and forth with ease. No problems there.

      Use the VO Quck Start Tutorial to get yourself started once you go through the setup process on the Mac with the Setup Assistant. You should get this option after the setup assistant is finished and the Mac is ready to be used. The Quick Start Tutorial will introduce you to a lot of VO basics, such as navigation and the concept of “interaction”.

  2. John says:

    I am not one who believes antivirus is super important for the Mac. If you are a user who uses common sense, you don’t have to worry about the malware or viruses of the Windows platform. However, Mac Scan is one I know that works well. There are others on the mac App store too.

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