WWDC 2013, A Lot of Announcements

Since I was working with a client, I wasn’t able to hear the keynote address at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s conference. However, I did catch bits of it and have read plenty of information about it. I summarize the major announcements on the
News page of the site

There will be a new Mac OS coming in the fall that is being called, Maverick. No, not Sea Lion, as was a joking remark made during the keynote that someone I know took seriously. Also, iOS 7 will be launched in the fall as well, and the entire interface has been redesigned. So, us Apple junkies will have some major toys to play with later in the year. This doesn’t even include the new Mac Book Air, Mac Pro and Airport equipment upgrades.

No, folks, there was no accessibility news announced during the keynote address. I have no idea why so many people on the blindness lists seem to think that we are going to hear about VoiceOver improvements or accessibility in general. I can only recall it happening once for the Mac and for iOS over the years. Otherwise, as much as some folks hate to hear this, we really don’t get any kind of billing at these events. For whatever accessibility news, we will have to wait and see. I will surely post anything major I know is credible and that does not violate any NDAs.

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