Updates, 11/11/11

I’m sure most folks are aware that Apple released their first update to iOS 5 yesterday. This was mainly to address the battery issues some users were reporting, but the iOS 5.01 update also has brought the multitasking gestures available on the iPad2 to the original iPad. This was also the first update that one could do “over the air” or without the need to connect to ones computer to do so. In my case, it went without a hitch and it took only about ten minutes in total.

I have also added a few more documents to the
Documentation page.

This includes an update to the Garage Band 6 tutorial Keith Reedy of
icanworkthisthing.comhas helped to write.

In addition, there is also now a keyboard commands list for Mac OS X Lion. This information was taken from an updated Apple knowledge base article.

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